Friday, July 13, 2012

Prezi: Hierarchy of systems in Neuroscience

Most (virtually all) presentations out there are prepared in PowerPoint, or similar (slide-by-slide) programs. Prezi ( is a program that was designed as a conceptual alternative to PowerPoint, where you don't actually have slides coming on the screen one after another, but rather have one giant blanket through which you can scroll and zoom in a pre-defined manner.

The good thing here is that it is novel (for most people). The bad thing is that scrolling and zooming quickly creates in the audience some kind of visually-driven sea-sickness. And also you can not really use interactive animation, which is, in my opinion, the strongest point of PowerPoint.

Nevertheless, to give it a try I decided to create a Prezi-ntation. You got zooming? OK, so I will zoom into the human brain, from the systems level, and down to the molecular structure of proteins that make up neural cells. Here's the result:

Unfortunately, as it turned out, zooming in Prezi is not infinite. While creating this presentation I quickly crashed into the zoom limitations, both lower and upper. So I had to give up on keeping things to scale, but even after I went out of scale, I still could not accommodate all scales in one sequence.

Well, I hope you may still find it useful =)

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