Friday, November 2, 2012

Xenopus laevis tadpole neuroscience art

Here's an animated gif based on my tadpole painting from 2 posts ago. Now I feel pity for not being fully scientifically rigorous about this circuitry thing. It could have become a really funny educational material.

But anyway. Tadpole of Xenopus laevis, with most neural circuitry I care about: projections from the retina to the optic tectum, and then from the tectum to the hindbrain. Reciprocal projections from the hindbrain that pass somatosensory information and that from the lateral-line back to the tectum, for multisensory integration to happen. And then also some downstream projections from the reticulospinal neurons to the spinal cord, and the cycle pattern generators there. And all that - in one animated gif! I'm somewhat proud of it =)

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